Alcan Dental Group Offers High Quality Teeth Whitening Services

Alcan dental group an Anchorage Dentist now offers ZOOM teeth whitening services. This higher quality service runs upwards of $700 for the 1 hour procedure. Zoom is a teeth whitening system that helps whitening teeth by up to eight shades. ZOOM is a type of whitening that does not affect the enamel of teeth, nor will it cause sensitivity with the teeth or gums. Some of the bigger complaints with teeth whitening treatments are sensitivity issues after the gel is applied.

Why Do People Choose ZOOM Whitening Over Other Brands?

  • Zoom does not cause long term sensitivity
  • Zoom can whiten teeth by up to 8 shades in just one setting.
  • The procedure takes 1 hour and offers immediate results.

With ZOOM teeth whitening you can schedule an appointment and leave with whiter teeth. This is great if you have a job interview or maybe you are going on a date. In the past if you wanted whiter teeth you would have to deal with a long process of applying whitening strips or gels and then hope that your teeth looked better after an hour of waiting. After many disappointments you would begin to look for a better way. That is where ZOOM comes in. This process was created by a cosmetic dentist who wanted to offer the best teeth whitening service he could give to his patients. This also allowed the dentist to offer fast results.

The biggest problem with old forms of teeth whitening was the waiting process. ZOOM now offers the solution to these services.

Alcan Dental Group located in Anchorage Alaska now offers this service to any of its’ patients. Doctor Scott Laudon has been serving Anchorage as a general dentist since early 1992. As a general dentist they also offer cosmetic services, tooth extractions and just about any other service you would require from a dentist, even teeth whitening dentist in Anchorage is popular.

You can learn more about their teeth whitening services here:

Teeth Whitening Anchorage

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