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This Anchorage Dentist Does It Again And Gives Back To Veterans & Military Families

Doctor Scott Laudon is at it again! This dentist in Anchorage has offered to give back to the great people who give their lives every day for this country. If you know anything about Anchorage, Alaska you know that its big for military personnel and families. With two big bases Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson there are thousands of military families living within the city limits of Anchorage. These bases are huge part of the economy for not just Anchorage but for the state of Alaska. Yes, Alaska has some big oil fields but the military bases in Anchorage brings the people.

With so many military veterans and families, Scott Laudon as well as a few other dentists in Anchorage have offer to give discounts for their services as a way of giving back to these amazing men and women of the armed forces. Any offer a dentists’ gives, comes directly out of their own pocket books. Most dental services are covered by insurances, medicaid or denali kid care, but offering this extra 10% discount, Scott can give a little bit back to these military families.

Help With Choosing A Decent Family Dentist In Anchorage

Many military personnel who come to Anchorage also bring with them their families. Some are new families, while others have more kids and maybe more established. Either way when a family moves to a new place, one of the main changes they experience is who their dental provider will be. Dentists come in all different styles and sometimes moving to a new location can be stressful with trying to find the best family dentists in Anchorage. For this reason its very important to rely on your instincts. When a family moves to a new place, they might not know other families or really know the area at all, so its difficult to ask for a reference when you do not know anyone to ask of.

Most good family dentist offer all of the general dentistry services. Check to see if they cater to families and also see what their dental office is like. Do they offer toys, tvs, and books for the kids? A family dentist will provide these items because they know kids need to be entertained while they wait.

Ask lots of questions! Its never a dumb question when it comes to your family and choosing the right family dentist. Remember this dentist will be with your kids for many years, or until you move away. Therefore, you want to get the best advice and services for your children in their early years of teeth and mouth development.

Choose wisely as there are many family dental clinics throughout Anchorage and the surrounding cities and the only way you can find the best is by searching for them and asking lots of questions. If you need help with finding a good dentist, check out Dr. Laudon’s family dental page for more information.

Remember to ask for your 10% Military discount!