Understanding The Causes Of Tooth Aches

Among the many affliction man experiences in life, the small, but extremely painful toothache is one of the worst to experience. Tooth aches have been one of the diseases that have been recorded in many medical manuscripts since from the dawn of civilization. However, speculations of its cause range from the supernatural to the pure illogical.

As medical science advances and man’s understanding on how the human body works increased, the real cause of tooth aches is now understood in such a way that treatments to alleviate this painful condition is somewhat successful. Dentistry was no longer a profession filled with magic and superstition, but a real science that delves into the root cause of tooth aches. This article will tackle the main causes of tooth aches.
Five causes of tooth aches

Tooth Cavities

  • Cavities are “holes” on the tooth’s enamel, which is caused by the proliferation of bacteria. These types of bacteria eat away the white, protective covering of the tooth exposing its sensitive inner part, the dentin and the nerve. Once this is exposed, the person with cavities may experience excruciating pain.

Gum diseases and inflammations

  • Diseases of the gums such as gingivitis, which is the swelling of the gums that line the teeth, can also be the source of pain. Inflammation is often caused by bacteria in the plaque that builds up on the boundary of the tooth and the gums. Bleeding can also occur, which can aggravate the condition.

Dental Abscess

  • As bacteria builds up in the sides of the tooth and in the gums, abscess can accumulate inflaming the gums which in turn can cause pain. Abscesses in the teeth is often more painful as it usually erodes both the enamel and the dentin exposing the highly sensitive nerve. This is a serious type of tooth disease, which should be treated immediately upon detection.

Damaged tooth / Brittle teeth

  • Lack of calcium can cause teeth to become brittle. This often happens to women who are pregnant as the developing fetus “absorbs” the calcium from the mother’s bones and teeth. A break in the enamel can expose the “nerve” of the tooth, which causes the pain. Injuries on the tooth, as with those experienced by athletes such as boxers, can also cause tooth aches.

Symptom of a more serious illness

  • There are cases where tooth aches are a symptom of a more serious illness. There are reports where heart diseases such as angina can cause tooth ache to sufferers. Though this is not true in every case of angina, some patients of this heart disease do complain about recurring pain in their teeth. Other conditions such as ear infections, sinusitis and arthritis are also known causes of tooth ache.

In conclusion

Dentistry has evolved so much that tooth aches have become a temporary nuisance which can be easily treated. These five major causes of tooth aches can be easily prevented by regular checkups and proper hygiene. As medical advances continue to strive ever forward, incredible breakthroughs in dentistry will surely happen.

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